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With the increase in the popularity of beauty services there has been an equal increase in the amount of un-trained technicians. These technicians although temptingly priced, lack the proper training and or certifications to satisfy the most basic of services. The outcome, most noticeably, have repeatedly been damaging results. Unfortunately, our professional technicians are constantly being requested to service corrective work. This in turn, puts them and clients in a relatively stressful situation where previous work may be too greatly damaged to correct. As professionals, we are bewildered by what walks through our doors with past work of some so called beauty artists. We feel compelled to assist customers who have been wronged in anyway we can by providing them with the artistry that should be mandatory in our field.

The question then lies, why not avoid these issues altogether?

Here at Skin Sensations by Cristina, our professionals will go to great strides to ensure you become a life long client. You can do yourself a favor by becoming a first time client to a licensed, certified and educated professional that will guarantee their work. A professional who understands that any and all services go beyond the technical aspect; who understand that the client must receive an extraordinary experience to compliment their technical services. After all, any and all purchases whether service related or materialistic, must create within us the desire to please ourselves so that we may justify the expense and more importantly, feel content.

So where do you start?

The answer; Skin Sensations by Cristina!

Come experience a knowledgeable staff with years of servicing satisfied clients, top of the line products specially formulated to compliment your skin, technicians who can offer you sound advice and educate you all the while, offering you a warm and sincere smile.

Let one our professionals offer you the peace of mind and services you deserve and should demand.

Skin Sensations by Cristina helping you welcome each day looking as beautiful and vibrant as ever before.

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Permanent Make-up | Eyelash Services

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