Eyelash Perming Testimonial:

Dear Cristina,

You changed my life!  My eyelashes were a mess until I started seeing you for eyelash perms and tinting.  I had stopped wearing contact lenses and doing my eye makeup because my lashes were straight, thin and seemed almost frizzy.  I was nervous about my first eyelash perm, but you answered all of my questions and really put me at ease.  The procedure is so relaxing and you, Cristina are very careful and gentle.  I love, love, love my lashes now!  They are healthy, long and curl up naturally.  I've had people ask me if I am wearing false eyelashes!  I have so much fun now wearing my eye makeup and showing off my fabulous lashes.  You also trimmed and shaped my eyebrows with a threading procedure, they always look natural and well-groomed.  I can't give a more glowing recommendation.  You are a great person who provides great services at a competitive price and, best of all,  makes me more confident and beautiful."

Thank you so much Cristina,



Permanent Eyeliner Testimonial:

"Oh my God Cristina, I love it!  It feels so good not to have to worry about the smudging and running.  I always seem to have raccoon eyes and I no longer have to worry about that.  Everyone at work has commented on how natural they look. I can’t wait to have my lips done!  I’ll call you tomorrow to schedule an appointment.”                             - Lauren

"I can't believe the convenience of waking up in the morning and hopping out of the shower with my makeup already on — what a time saver and hassle-free lifestyle!!. I no longer need to draw on the eye line on my eyes with that pencil that always irritated my eyes. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that permanent makeup would actually look more natural than it does...and even my husband said that— thanks so much for 'the new me'..."                                             




“I can’t believe how painless the entire process was, I was so scared too, but you made me feel so comfortable and you were right, the needle you used is absolutely painless, it actually tickled. I thought that was funny.  Sean loved them as well. He was so against it too. Thank you Cristina, I can’t wait to have my lower eye line done!”                                 - Maria


Permanent Brows Testimonial:

“I can’t believe how pain free the process was! You made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, you were wonderful Cristina.  I told my sister Maria and she is dying to have her brows done too. I am so happy with them, it feels good not have to pencil them in anymore.  Thank you Cristina.”   




Hi Cristina,
I love love love my new eye brows!!! Thank you so much! I'll stop in to see you next time I visit my mother.
Thanks again, 


"Lisa loves her brows and I can’t believe how natural mine look, I am amazed!  Thanks for a job well done."                                     - ~Sandy


"I am very happy with my eyebrows.  I have been freed from the
hassle of putting them on every day and from worrying that they have been rubbed off.  It actually takes me less time to get ready to go out. 
 Thanks for a great job!
Hope you are well and that you get to come back to sunny Florida when the winter sets in there."                                                           - Veronica


“I have to say, I was a little taken back when I saw my brows the next morning, because they looked painted on, but I have to say, I love my brows! After the exfoliating process, they look so natural and it feels great not to have to draw them on and worry if they will look the same every day. Thank you Cristina”


Norma Jean


Eyelash Extensions Testimonial:

" Thanks Cristina. And PS, everyone thought the lashes were beautiful. I did too."                                                                                            - Alicia

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